WSGA shortens upcoming campaign time during Feb. 14 meeting

Charles Rankin

WSGA passed an amendment to its bylaws related to the length of its campaign process during its weekly meeting Feb. 14.

The meeting was headed by WSGA President Alexis Simmons as Vice President Scott Weinkauf, who usually runs the meeting, was not present due to an illness.

The amendment will reduce the length of campaigns for the yearly WSGA election from four to three weeks. The amendment was proposed to be more in line with other Kansas universities, who all have election cycles shorter than four weeks and to lessen the burden of candidates who are running.

The amendment will not affect campaign materials, such as flyers, posters and buttons, which can still be produced in the four week time frame prior to voting. These materials will not be distributed until three weeks before the election.

Senators Bayley Baker, Paul Mismaque and Adam Thew were appointed to the student election board, who will oversee the election and campaigning process.

The senate also allocated funding for six student organizations. Club Mathematica was allotted $300 for food at its upcoming math lectures, French Club was allotted $760 for a trip to the Nelson Atkins Museum in Kansas City, Missouri, the Philosophy Club was allotted $1050 for food at its meetings and T-shirts, PTKAW was allocated $900 to send three students to attend a convention and the Student Development Grant was allocated $900 to send three students to a conference. In addition, TriBods Productions was allocated $400 added to a previous allocation, bringing the total to $1850.