The benefits of weight training for men and women

Kendra Wicks

The weight section of the gym is intimidating to almost every beginner. The different exercises and machinery can be overwhelming and we’re often afraid of looking foolish while we try to figure out something new. However, weight training could be well worth the venture outside your comfort zone.

Lifting weights will help your body gain more muscle and beyond, will improve many aspects of your health other than just your strength. A larger percentage of muscle mass helps you burn more calories.

Doing lots of cardio will eventually allow you to lose weight, and it burns off fat as well as builds muscle. Maintaining muscle gives your body a leaner look in the long run.

“Finding the right combination of lifting weights and cardio is better for a person who actually wants to lose weight and achieve some sort of healthy lifestyle,” said Trent Smith, assistant strength and conditioning coach.

Smith encourages everyone to work weightlifting into their workout routine. For women, becoming too bulky is often a concern, but looking like a bodybuilder from lifting a few times per week is nearly impossible.

“I would say that one, I don’t think you’ll be working out enough to have that type of physique,” said Smith. “Two, you’re probably not eating enough.”

Professional bodybuilders and Olympic athletes dedicate their entire lives to their training. They work out several times a day using a variety of different exercises.

Their diets are carefully structured to ensure that they eat enough to fuel their bodies. Simply adding some weight training to your fitness routine won’t make you huge, but it can tone your muscles, increase your strength and help you burn calories.

For beginners, it can be difficult to know where to start. Smith said that the internet is a great resource for learning exercises, but cautions against people who pretend to be trained professionals.

Instead, he recommends men’s or women’s health and fitness websites as a starting place.

Weight training is a great way to push your limits, build strength and burn fat. It’s just a matter of getting outside your comfort zone and giving it a shot.

“The best advice I can give someone who actually wants to start lifting or try to live a healthy lifestyle is, it’s a lot of trial and error. You have to find what works for you,” said Smith. “That’s the number one thing, just finding what you like.”