WSGA meets to discuss Native American Heritage month and funding proposal process

Members of the Washburn Student Government Association met for their weekly senate meeting Nov. 2, 2022.

One major victory of the night was that WSGA voted to recognize Native American Heritage Month. Native American Heritage Month honors the traditions, culture and contributions of both Alaskan Natives and Native Americans. Junior anthropology major and Native American student Kiwenke Hubbard spoke to the members of WSGA about how they felt there was no Native American representation on this campus. With the passing of this resolution, there is hope that Native American students will feel more accepted and represented.

The other major event of the night was a motion to move funding requests above committee reports in the meeting agenda. The idea was that student organizations would not have to listen to the sometimes-lengthy cabinet reports, and instead request their funding and leave. This was ultimately rejected by a majority of WSGA members and the agenda will stay the same.

Funding requests for student organizations were approved for God’s Bods, Washburn Strings and We Are F1rst.

Edited by Glorianna Noland