Washburn maintains the early 1-0 lead to beat Missouri Western

Freshman Belle Kennedy and senior Emily Michaelis go up for the header. Both players played significant minutes in the game against the Griffons.

On Sept. 30, Washburn played their first official fall game of the year against Missouri Western State University. The Ichabods came into the game with seven wins, two draws and only one loss. They have been playing phenomenally well this year, and they continued their successful streak with a win against the Griffons.

The game started with the Ichabods kicking off, and it didn’t take long for Washburn to get on the board. It only took 1 minute and 7 seconds for sophomore Riley Wells to put the ball past the Griffon’s goalkeeper. With the Ichabods jumping out to a very early lead, it seemed clear how this game was going to go – but that wasn’t the case at all.

“I don’t think [the lead] was too much of an advantage because we had a whole game ahead of us still,” said Wells.

Although Western Missouri let an early goal go, they weren’t as easily persuaded to lose another point to the Ichabods. WMSU took the kickoff and the stalemate began. Although there were some good shots, such as an early bottom kick from sophomore Khloe Schuckman and another low-hanging look from freshman Haley Rodgers, the opponent’s goalkeeper stayed in front and kept the Bods from extending their lead.

Washburn took a total of six shots in the first period, with four on goal and two just barely missing the posts. Washburn also played exceptional defense in the first 45 minutes of play by only allowing three shots that missed the goal all three times. At the end of the first period, it seemed that the win was going to be handed to the Ichabods as early gameplay indicated.

The second period contained much more action and much more suspense. MWSU started the second period a little too aggressively, and it cost them early. Not even a full minute in, the Griffons would receive their first of four yellow cards given to them during the game.

After three shots from Washburn in 13 minutes, the Griffons received their second yellow card in minute 58 of the game. It became very clear that Missouri Western wasn’t playing around any longer. Although MWSU was playing better, the Washburn defense still stayed on top by only allowing two shots to be taken in the second period. Only one shot was on target for the Griffons, but senior keeper Raegan Wells grabbed the ball before it could be taken into the back of the net.

Washburn’s offense continued to keep the pressure on by taking another six shots on the opposing goal. As time ticked down, everyone in the stadium was sitting on the edge of their seat to see who would win. On the field, tempers began to flair and emotions were starting to show. Players were being more aggressive on the ball, and three more yellow cards came out in only 5 minutes of play.

MWSU tried desperately to even up the score, but the Ichabods’ defense held together. As time left the clock, Washburn knew they had secured the win. When the clock hit zero, however, emotions got out of control.

A MWSU attacker gave Rodgers an elbow-shove and walked away, and the Washburn freshman didn’t take very kindly to it. It took only two steps for her to close the gap and return the favor with a two-handed shove in the back.

Coaches and players began to rush to the two players, but not before another Missouri player could take Rodgers off her feet by lowering her shoulder into her side. Both teams began to argue their side to the referees, but the decision was final. Rodgers and the initial Griffon were given their first yellow card of the game, but the second Missouri Western player was given her second yellow card of the game, resulting in a red card.

Davy Phillips, Washburn head coach, was overall pleased with how his team played and adapted.

“They play a different formation than we typically see, so we game planned about where we wanna go… and I thought the girls stayed really disciplined and did a great job,” Davy said.

Soccer is a game of moments, and the Ichabods had plenty of big moments. With an early goal for Washburn, it gave their defense an opportunity to shine and play well against an unfamiliar formation while also keeping their offense disciplined and not trying to attack the goal when it isn’t needed.

Washburn has played phenomenally this year, and Davy and his Ichabods plan to continue their winning streak Sunday, Oct. 2 in Yager Stadium against Northwest Missouri State University.

Edited by Justin Shepard, Simran Shrestha