WSGA president- and vice-president- elect forming their executive staff

Charles Rankin

On March 16, University President Jerry Farley announced the winners of the WSGA president and vice president election, and the incoming student administration is forming its executive staff in the coming weeks.

Zac Surritt and Jim Henry were elected president and vice president, respectively, defeating their opponents Jack Siebert and Sydney Fox in a vote of 408 to 286.

The incoming Surritt-Henry administration is accepting applications for its executive staff until 5 p.m. Monday, April 2, in the SAGL offices. The applicants will be interviewed throughout next week, and Surritt and Henry will send their nominees to the WSGA senate for confirmation.

The entire new members of WSGA including senators, executive staff members, president and vice president, will be sworn-in at a WSGA meeting in April.