Ichabods kick off their season with a strong win against Oklahoma Baptist

Belle Kennedy (right) sets up Cloe Quintana (left) for the early shot. Washburn took a total of 7 shots in the first period.

Washburn University women’s soccer started the fall sports season off in terrific fashion with a big fat “W” in the record book. The Ichabods hosted Oklahoma Baptist University at Yager Stadium at 7 p.m. on Aug. 25th, and the Lady Bison weren’t ready for our ladies in blue. Washburn played a phenomenal 90 minutes with astounding defense and even better offense.
In the first period, the Ichabods worked the Bison defense as they loaded on the offensive pressure with great ball movement and communication. The Ichabods kept the Lady Bison on their feet, racking up a total of seven shots in the first 45 minutes of the game. Midfielder Belle Kennedy was among those making the Bison defense get their money’s worth, taking the most shots throughout the entirety of the game. Although Washburn had several opportunities, they couldn’t hit the back of the net, missing five shots and two more getting stopped by the Bison keeper. On the other hand, the Lady Bison struggled offensively, only taking one shot in the first period. That kick was hauled in by Washburn keeper Raegan Wells to make sure OBU stayed off the scoreboard. While OBU had many chances, they couldn’t capitalize on any of them and Washburn was able to thwart any oncoming threat. By the end of the first period, both teams were at a stalemate with a score of 0-0.
In the second period, the Bison got off to a great start by working their offense and trying to find the perfect opportunity to score. Unfortunately for them, they missed their chance. Washburn quickly shook off their halftime slump and went back to attacking the net. Both teams played more intensely in the second period, with Washburn doubling their amount of fouls from the first and OBU returning the favor. The Ichabods continued to lay on the heat, shooting the ball another eight times in the second period. While many more shots were on target in the second period, the Bison keeper was on the mark, stopping five shots.
As time ticked down, both teams were working as hard as they could to break the goose egg and put a point on the board. In the 70th minute of the game, Washburn had a great opportunity in the box, but an offside was called as the shot was taken. The student section was furious and their frustration was voiced, but the game went on. Fortunately, the popular saying of “ball don’t lie” came into full effect, as a handball was called against the Lady Bison in the box. A yellow card was handed out, and a penalty was underway. Washburn’s Viviana Soto-Herrera lined up the ball and prepared to make it or break it for the Bods.
“A lot was going on in my mind, but I was trying to focus on getting the ball behind the goalie,” Soto-Herrera later said. She took her run up, made contact with the ball and the crowd erupted soon after. In the 79th minute of the game, Vivian Soto-Herrera put the Ichabods up one to nothing. With 10 minutes still remaining, Washburn just had to protect their goal. Coach Davy Phillips was worried at first, saying his team “wasn’t making winning decisions” after their goal. In no time, Phillips got his game plan across and the Ichabods protected their net while winning the game.
Washburn made a statement, showing that they can play ball. Starting the season with a win is a “momentum builder, giving us a new confidence,” Phillips said.

Edited by Justin Shepard, Alijah McCracken