Tennis swings into fall season

Matt Self

Washburn’s tennis team has come together in full force to face their awaiting challenges this season. Many new players fill the ranks of the tennis team with hopes of achieving excellence, motivated by standing alongside experienced college players, such as senior Alejandro Valarezo.

“This year, we’re definitely looking for a conference championship. I’ve been here three years already and this is my last, so that’s my number one goal. I hope the team will be holding themselves and me accountable for everything,” Valarezo said.

The tennis team certainly has some stiff competition to deal with this season, but if their past record of 14-6 is any indicator, there’s a sure bet that they’re ready to give this season their all. The athletes and coaches are hoping that they can use their momentum from last year to excel this fall.

Head coach Lance Lysaught also expressed a desire for his team to succeed this season. He believes that this team is prepared for the awaiting competition, referencing that many of his current players are All-Americans.

The improved tennis facilities, brought to Washburn by generous alumni donations, show the large amount of support that the tennis team has in the community. There are great things expected from the tennis team, and the high standards have given them the privilege of practicing there and honing their skills.

“Our tennis facility now is probably, I would say for Division II, one of the best… If you go to the east coast or the west coast you’ll find facilities that are nicer, but our tennis facilities really are almost as nice as they are,” Lysaught said.

The tennis team has everything it needs to succeed this season, and they’re hoping to find this success from the start. The Ichabods will have their first appearance in Springfield, Missouri against Drury University on Sept. 1. They appreciate their fellow Ichabods cheering them on and giving them the support they need to reach their full potential.