Personal training continues through the Student Recreation and Wellness Center


courtesy of SRWC

Personal trainer works to encourage and assist student. The SRWC started this program in the hopes to encourage students to hit the gym to stay healthy.

The Student Recreation and Wellness Center will offer the valuable service of a personal trainer for another semester in spring 2022.

With the average price of personal trainers starting around $50 an hour, Washburn University faculty, students and staff wanting to revamp their fitness can save a lot of money by signing up for a free eight-week program which includes sessions with a personal trainer twice a week.

Sophomore sociology major Dylan Grospitch and junior accounting major Maddie Ray are personal trainers at SRWC.

“I think there are a lot of people on campus that aren’t really familiar with a gym setting. And so personal training is a great way to help people learn about how to program their workouts and just learn new exercises,” said Ray.

Participants who register will be taught proper form and technique, which is important to avoid counterproductive strain and injury, for whichever cardiovascular, strength and flexibility goals they want to achieve.

“Our trainers are all really friendly and outgoing, and they’re very open. They don’t judge you. We’re here to make working out more comfortable,” said Ray.

Whether it’s having someone holding you accountable to your goals, or having someone beside you for every rep who’s seen where you started and is watching where you’re going, many people can benefit from exercising with a personal trainer.

“Getting people to be able to reach whatever fitness goals they have is the whole point of our personal training program,” Grospitch said.

The spring will mark the fourth semester Washburn SRWC has offered the free personal training program, which was started by Assistant Director James Thayer.

Washburn students, faculty and staff can register soon for the program’s 2022 semester via the SRWC page on the university’s website. Additionally, the front desk can provide more details at 785-670-1314.

Edited by Ellie Walker and Katrina Johnson