Trump costs Topeka Police $26,000

President Trump rallied in Topeka on Saturday, Oct. 6. His visit cost Topeka police over $26,000 in security.

According to The Topeka Capital Journal, police public relations specialist, Gretchen Koenen, released the price of security when speaking about Trump’s visit.

The president does not often visit Kansas’ capital, but when he does, it takes a toll on the city’s finances. This is mostly due to the amount of law enforcement agencies that are required to work the area. Approximately 20 agencies were present in and around Topeka.

Not only was security in the Kansas Expocentre, but also surrounding the highways, turnpike and the entire city. Police departments from all over the state were located in Topeka on Saturday including Wichita, Lawrence, Hutchinson and Kansas City police departments.

A majority of the people working were paid in overtime which accounted for $25,000 alone, according to the Topeka Capital Journal.

Remaining costs were placed towards standard salary and water that was provided at the rally.

“I don’t think Topeka should have been responsible for that. He has his own money, so he can sponsor his own security,” said Washburn sophomore Gema Rodriguez.

Presidential travel is an expensive process. Similar to Topeka, every city Trump arrives in is required to spend thousands of dollars in security.

Protests are common at any type of rally, but they have been especially common during this presidency. The political climate forces security to be more active at these types of events.

Air travel remains costly on top of security, especially for the current president. Trump has surpassed $13.5 million in air travel alone as of January 2018, according to Judicial Watch. They have also calculated that it costs $15,994 per hour to fly the president.

Money adds up quickly due to all the factors needed when flying a president. On top of the plane the president flies on, there is also a cargo aircraft, backup aircraft and fleet of Air Force jets.

Several vehicles on the ground are necessary for the president, vice president, first lady, secret service and other members that travel. Excess vehicles are used as a distraction for an extra level of security.

“People are automatically going to put their lives on the line for him, but he is not considering other people in the same way,” Rodriguez said.

Trump is not the only president that chooses to travel in office, whether it be for leisure or business. However, he is spending money at a more rapid pace than any other president.

“The president is accountable to the taxpayers – they spend our hard-earned dollars and that’s why Judicial Watch keeps track of certain travel costs,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “Trump’s regular trips to his homes are adding up to a hefty sum.”

Trump’s spending habits are on the internet for everyone to see, and he is often bashed for them. However, a main role of being president is to travel for business related events.

“If it’s business related, I think it’s fine,” Rodriguez said. “He definitely knows how to use Twitter, and there are other ways to talk to people. He doesn’t need to fly everywhere, especially for no reason.”