WSGA reports from Sept. 29 meeting


photo by Ben Doole

Addressing your people: Zachary Yelland is WSGA’s newest senator. He was sworn in by Dr. Grospitch Sept. 29.

The Washburn Student Government Association (WSGA) met for their weekly meeting on Sept. 29, Wednesday in the Kansas Room of the Memorial Union.

Special Events Director Ariel Smith, reported about the upcoming Washburn Homecoming. Homecoming will be taking place in October, so it’s coming up fast. They also reported that the parade sign-up form is now up and running on the Homecoming website. In the report, he also discussed the finalization of the decorations for the Homecoming ball.

Communications Chairperson Katherine Cook, reported about her Giveaway. All the prizes have been bought for the giveaway, and the giveaway will last for a week. She is also creating a spreadsheet for all the WSGA cabinet members, and putting their majors, and personal information on it to make communication easier.

Budget Director Eric Rorstrom, reported on putting the Dynamic Form on the website. They also reported about working on developments for initiative grants and finding new ways for students to use the money due to the fact that Washburn has a lot of extra money.

SB 21-22 #042, The Washburn Student Government Association is going to create a Google Forms titled “Washburn Virtual Suggestion Box” that will allow students and/or a user to type in what changes they would like the Washburn Student Government Association to try to make. Motion was passed.

SR 21-22 #009, The Washburn Student Government Association is going to promote best practices for healthy social media use with its own social media accounts, and will condemn online harassment against college students. According to the mental health resource, excessive social media use can lead to feelings of loneliness, inadequacy about one’s life and/or appearance. Motion was passed.

SR 21-22 #010, The Washburn University Student Government Association is trying to recommend that Washburn University divest any or all investments in fossil fuel companies from the University’s endowment fund. A copy of this resolution shall be presented to Dr. Jerry Farley, President of Washburn University. Motion was tabled.

Roll call, the question was “What color are you feeling like today?”. Answers varied for brown, silver, purple, lime green, yellow, blue, orange, grey, burgundy, purple (but in a bad way), dark sage, white, ocean blue, royal blue, rust, prison orange and dark green.

Edited by:- Ellie Walker, Simran Shrestha