Highlighting sophomore success


Kyle Manthe

Sophomore success: The Bradbury Thompson Alumni Center hosted the sophomore success kick-off this week.

Last year was an incomparable year, as almost all classes were conducted online due to COVID-19. Most students telecommuted to classes using Zoom or some other video conferencing software. While it may have been a switch from the usual for most college students, it was the first and only year of college for now-sophomores.

Carissa Johnson, James Barraclough and Isaiah Collier devised a unique program as a way for these second-year students to receive similar support that they would have gotten normally if not for the pandemic.

“[First-year students] get WU 101. They don’t know it, but it’s not just about taking a class, it’s about getting support,” said Johnson, director of student transition at Washburn.

To kick-off the success program, a former Washburn student and double graduate, Angel Romero, spotlighted that support.

Romero now works for United Way of Greater Topeka and wanted to encourage the sophomores to try something new and learn from that experience.

“I remember going into my sophomore year being excited and wanting to be more involved with things on campus,” said Romero. “I think a lot of folks, they’re excited to be involved, but maybe don’t quite know where to start.”

Getting started with on-campus involvement and finding the support that every college student needs are both topics that the sophomore success program covered.

Johnson explained that supporting students who may be struggling to find themselves at the beginning of the school year will help them with homesickness.

“Maybe you’re doubting your major, doubting your relationships, or your friendships and you’re not the same that you were after that first year,” said Johnson. “We’re hoping that we can be a level of support for people.”

Edited by: Alijah McCracken and Madison Dean