Washburn Job Fair provides opportunity


Daniel Hashmi

Apply here: Jenny Lieurance (left) and Petra Gay (right) eagerly wait for students to arrive.

The Union Underground hosted Washburn’s Job Fair on Aug. 24. During the Job Fair, students enjoyed refreshments and were provided information about on-campus jobs.
Booths ranged from Student Media to Public Relations to the Union itself, attempting to recruit students for campus employment.
“I attended the job fair just to see what was out there,” said Quinn Buessing, a sophomore exercise and rehab science major. “I kind of want a little bit of extra spending money, and, you know, just interact with more people.”
There are many benefits of working on campus. Research from the National Council of Education Statistics states that students who work a “moderate amount of hours” (less than 20 hours per week) have higher GPAs than non-working students.
Students also have more flexibility on campus than if they worked an outside job.
A campus visit and events coordinator, Jenny Lieurance explained that campus jobs can work around a student’s schedule and prior commitments.
“They get that you are a student first, so if you have to call in, they are a lot more understanding about that,” said Lieurance.
It can also provide opportunities to get involved on campus.
“All of those positions help you get involved and go to events and experience campus in a way that you couldn’t as just a normal everyday student,” said Petra Gay, a senior marketing and international business major.
If you missed the Job Fair but are interested in finding an on-campus job, you can search for jobs here.

Edited by: Madison Dean and Katrina Johnson