Washburn students donate blood to help local community

Don’t be shy: Washburn student Hannah Mumpower donating blood at the HALO blood drive on March 18. Her donation will help others in the community to survive.

On Thursday, March 18, the Hispanic American Leadership Organization (HALO) held their annual blood drive at the Petro Allied Health Center at Washburn University.

HALO has been partnering with the American Red Cross to have a blood drive on campus for the past decade. HALO doesn’t benefit from the blood drive; it’s just a way for them to give back and help the community in times of need.
Some might think that with COVID still lingering, it might be hard to donate, but HALO and the American Red Cross took extra precautions to make sure the volunteers and the workers were all safe.

With campus life being scarce, HALO had to get creative on how they would advertise to the masses without the masses being on campus. They made flyers and posted them on social media and hung them around campus to safely spread the word.

Those flyers are how volunteers, Whitney Slater, the Director of the Recreation and Wellness Center, Emily Myers and Abigail Stricker, who are both freshman forensic anthropology majors, found out about the blood drive.

Slater donates blood regularly and usually attends the HALO blood drives because they are typically on campus and easily accessible for staff and students.

“That was the very first one I actually ever did was the HALO one on campus and so, it kind of got the ball rolling for me,” said Slater.

“I think it’s important to give especially now because a lot of people are staying and not probably as apt to give as much, especially if I’m helping if I had the opportunity, I definitely am going to that. I think it’s important for other people too as well,” said Myers.

HALO typically has their blood drive in the spring of every year, but if you are interested in donating, look up the American Red Cross and find out where you can give. Also, if you are interested in learning more about hispanic culture or want to become a member, find HALO on Bods Connect and reach out.

Edited by: Matthew L. Self