WSGA looking for new senators

Head of the table: President Victoria Smith and Vice President Dylan Babcock conduct the WSGA meeting. WSGA has meetings every Wednesday.

Washburn Student Government Association (WSGA) is an organization on campus that is responsible for making change; they are the voice of the student body.

“Our main responsibility is to act in the interest of the entire student body on campus,” said WSGA President Victoria Smith.

If you want change to happen, why sit around hoping it happens?

This change can be made by the senators of WSGA. The role of a senator is a sized down version of the U.S. Senate, they are there to represent the people; in this case, Washburn students. A senator’s job is to vote on bills to be passed that affect what happens on campus.

WSGA is on the lookout for senators that come from all backgrounds and all majors to make sure every area of the student body is being represented. The key to running a successful student government is being able to speak for all students; this is why WSGA is seeking a diverse group of senators.

“The biggest thing about student government is we don’t want just too many of the same type of people,” said Eric Rorstrom, a junior political science student and a WSGA Senator.

“We like our student government to be as diverse as our student body is,” said Rorstrom.

If you are a senator, you also get to be involved in all of the activities that WSGA hosts that year; some of the annual ones are homecoming and Can Emporia, other events occur such as painting pumpkins or handing out cups of hot chocolate.

Student government also advocates for the students to the administration which will benefit the student body.

When asked what he would say to people thinking about becoming a senator, Rorstrom said “Just do it, don’t hold back”.

Rostrom goes on to say that WSGA is like a service organization in the sense that they are there to provide acts of service to students. For the spring semester, there are 27 available seats and 5 seats reserved for freshmen. There is a process of steps that one must go through to run for a spot in the senate.

Here is the link to apply for a senate seat:

Here is the link to learn more about what WSGA does:

Edited By:Crystal Hendrix, Katrina Johnson, Matthew L. Self