A word from The Leadership Institute

Leaders: Abby Price (left), Claire Leffingwell (center), Emma Wetzel (right) host a successful leadership meeting. The trio had the meeting in the upper level of Memorial Union Thursday, Jan. 24.

The overflow of competitive extroverts fighting for the CEO position, wiggling their way into that “leadership” position, is the way of the business world.

Human beings strive to be “on top,” constantly engaging for the alpha label. However, the idea circulating the universe is that there are only one type of leader and if you aren’t that type of leader, then you are excluded from the “leadership” role, essentially every leader has a desire to invest their hearts and elbow grease and ‘make it happen’. That theory is not proven to be true. The idea of “the top dog,” however, is a true and current happening.

College students wouldn’t be working so hard if the ‘top dog’ position wasn’t one that is actively lingering in the back of their minds. Luckily, Washburn University houses a group of student-leaders teaching other students to embrace their inner leader in the Washburn University Leadership Institute. The broad expectancy that one must have certain characteristics to feel welcome in the leadership environment is overlooked in the Washburn University Leadership Institute.

Abby Price, senior and Student Leadership Council Fellow at Washburn University Leadership Institute, analyzed in brief detail about the most momentous experience of her time in the Leadership Institute. Abby Price explained that she has been apart of the Leadership Institute since she was in high school and this moment happened last academic year.

“I got to serve as the Leadership Challenge Event fellow, which is a two-day leadership development program for high school and college students from all over the country. Basically, it was just this one event that I had spent the whole year working on, and when that day came and it got to be the day of the event, it was just really cool to see all of the work that I had been doing come to life.”

Abby Price shared that the most self-rewarding part was that, “I knew that I had put all of this work in and made it happen with a whole team of people, it was really cool!”

Claire Leffingwell, member of the Leadership Council who also holds SOAR award at Washburn University, unfolds the personal significance that the Washburn University Leadership Institute has housed in her personal and academic life.

“The Leadership Institute at Washburn University has provided me with many valuable opportunities for growth, both personally and professionally. My role within the Leadership Institute is the High School Leadership Academy Student Fellow, which means I am in charge of planning a seven day summer program for high school juniors from Shawnee County,” said Leffingwell. ”Through this experience, I have made several community connections with important people, and I have the opportunity to develop my personal leadership skills through real life application. The Leadership Institute takes individuals with leadership potential (which is everyone and anyone!) and helps them hone their leadership skills so that they can make positive change in their community and lives.”

The Leadership Institute offers a handful of benefits for students, they strive to help students with lifelong skills and knowledge long after their graduation. Students who desire to become leaders through the many experiences that Washburn University offers through the Leadership Institute include scholarships, leadership support systems, trips to conferences across the country and Leadership Concepts courses which is all housed by a similar concept of achievement, for students to better enhance their leadership skills and use their acquired knowledge to later become the best ‘top dog’ that they can be.

“Just go for it. Like anything in college, you never know if you’re going to like it unless you try it. Come to a meeting! Go to an event! Just take the chance,” Price said.

The next all Institute Meetings are Feb. 21 in the Kansas Room (upper level of the Memorial Union), March 21 in Washburn B and April 11 in the Kansas Room. Each event is held on Thursdays at 6:00 p.m.