Philosophy professor to enter phased retirement

James Ahrens

After 36 years of teaching at Washburn, Jorge Nobo, philosophy professor, will enter phased retirement next fall. During his three decades at WU, Nobo has seen the university change dramatically.

When asked why he took his current position, Nobo’s answer was simple.

“Washburn offered me a job,” said Nobo.

Not to belittle the opportunity that the university position offered, Nobo recalled some of the changes that have occurred on campus. He saw the destruction of the tornado that tore through campus, damaging or destroying many of the buildings in its path, as well as the change of Washburn from a college consisting primarily of non-traditional students to a university supporting more “traditional,” four-year degree students. He credits much of this change to current president Jerry Farley.

Professors are granted permission to take sabbaticals after a certain period of time, and Nobo used his to further his knowledge in philosophy, bringing the department of philosophy and students majoring in the subject a broader experience in the field. He has been a visiting scholar in philosophy at the Universidad de Salamanca and Biblioteca Nacional in Spain, the University of Miami and also at Harvard University.

Nobo has covered a wide spectrum of philosophical teaching. He has taught lessons on Alfred North Whitehead, systematic philosophy and American philosophy. He has also lectured on existentialism, metaphysics and the history and philosophy of mind.

Nobo has been active in teaching as well as governance in the college. He has seen the schools of business, nursing, applied studies and School of Law grow. As a professor at Washburn for more than three decades, a phased retirement was a choice he made. He says he will continue to teach and jokes that he likes most of his students and hopes the feelings are mutual.

“It has been very rewarding to teach,” says Nobo.

He will be the guest of honor at a celebration Tuesday, from 3-5 p.m. in the Bradbury Thompson Alumni Center.

Nobo received his bachelor of arts in English and Spanish from the University of Miami, Fla., and completed his doctoral work in philosophy from the University of Texas-Austin. He is also a member of Phi Kappa Phi.