Meal plans offered to commuters

James Ahrens

With the rollout of new meal plans, Chartwells is looking to accommodate commuter students in Union Market dining.

The new package being offered allows students who commute to campus the convenience of eating on campus without having to breakout cash or credit cards. Ichabod Dining Dollars, as they’re called in the meal plans, introduce students to new options in Union dining. Referred to as a standing reservation, students can think of these commuter meal plans as effectively paying for Union Market food in advance.

Meal plans available to commuter students include amounts of $100, $225 and $345. The advantage to these plans over students using Bod Bucks or their own method of payment is that students will receive a bonus $10, $25 or $45 respectively depending on which plan they choose. The other disadvantage is that, like previous meal plans, money will transfer from fall to spring semester, but not over school years, essentially making it non-refundable.

Freshman Robert Hanson said he is simply looking to eat, sleep and generally get through school. He said he is also looking for simplicity in both his living and his dining experience.

“[The Union] gets me all the food I need,” said Hanson about iCard service and how he eats on campus.

The meal plans for purchasingfood at the Union Market can be considered a “standing reservation.” Essentially, this means that the food is paid for in advance, and is deducted from the pool of money available on the account.

“The iCard works just like a debit card, students pick out what they want and when they go to the register, their card is swiped and their account is debited the amount of the purchase,” said Beadleston, going on to say students looking to enroll in the new plans can do so at the iCard Service Center located in the Memorial Union.

Money for the plans can be added to a student’s account at any point during the semester.