‘Fagbug’ documentary will be screened on campus Wednesday

James Ahrens

Erin Davies will be screening her new documentary at Washburn University on March 25.

“Fagbug” follows Davies on a 58-day campaign across the United States. According to Davies’ Web site, www.fagbug.com, the goal is to “raise awareness about hate crimes and homophobia in our society, to give a voice for those who are silent, to inspire others to take a stand against bullies and to be an example of how to overcome obstacles in bringing a creative project to life.”

Davies spends much of her time driving her multicolored Volkswagen around the country and promoting her film. She made her crusade very personal when she left graduate school to spend time educating people. The film took two years to make and, according to Davies, this month will be the first time the film will be shown.

Resa Boydston, senior sociology major and secretary for the student organization OPEN, an acronym for open-minded, positive, equality and non-discriminating, helped bring Davies to campus. Boydston sent an e-mail, made some phone calls and awaited Davies’s visit.

“That’s why we do this, to erase the hate,” said Boydston. “We’re open, we don’t discriminate, we’re there for every student. Gay rights are not special rights, they are equal rights.”

OPEN is a strictly volunteer, fully accredited student organization. Find OPEN at the Upstage Gallery every Wednesday, and helping with the First Friday Art Walk. OPEN has also helped present an AIDS prevention and safe sex panel. They have also volunteered for the Topeka AIDS Project. OPEN receives donations from the Upstage, the Washburn Endowment Association and private donations.

The documentary will be shown at 7 p.m. Wednesday, March 25 in Henderson room 112, followed by a question-and-answer session.