Attention tailgaters:

Washburn University

Groups of fans attending University athletic events shall be permitted to tailgate on University grounds on game days during the period of time beginning 5 hours before and ending 2 hours following the game.

33.1 Responsibility.

33.1.1 The University Athletics Director shall be responsible for:

• Providing information to tailgaters;

• Requesting the Administration establish special reserved areas for tailgating activities; and,

• Assigning space (See exception in 33.3) to tailgaters in the special reserved areas including, but not limited to, restricting the amount of space tailgaters may use.

33.1.2 Tailgaters shall be responsible for:

• The conduct and safety of individuals taking part in their activities;

• Full compliance with the laws of the state of Kansas, Topeka City Code, and Washburn University regulations including, but not limited to prohibitions on underage drinking and fireworks;

• Properly disposing of all ashes, trash, and other debris resulting from the respective activities; and,

• All costs, damages, and/or loss resulting from the tailgating activities.

33.2 Reserved Area Rules. The Director of Athletics may establish rules for any special reserved areas. The rules shall be consistent with these and any other applicable University regulations. 33.3 Tents. Tents may be used by tailgaters in the tailgating areas, however:

• They may not be placed so vehicle or pedestrian traffic is impeded; and,

• Those requiring stakes may not be erected on hard surfaced areas.

33.3.1 Space for commercial-type tents, which normally require large stakes, shall be assigned and scheduled by University Scheduling.