Health Care Career Fair brings opportunities to students

An exciting opportunity: Health care students crowd a booth at the career fair. The fair was held Wednesday, Oct. 16. 

Matthew L. Self, Review Editor in Chief

The annual Washburn University Health Care Career Fair drew a wide range of students to the Memorial Union to get a head start on their futures in health related fields.

As the doors opened for the career fair at noon, a bustling group of students entered the large space to look for job opportunities, of which there were a multitude to choose from. Everyone from occupational therapist majors to nursing majors could be seen Wednesday, Oct. 16 in the Washburn A/B room. Alliance Home Health Care, Holton Community Hospital, the Kansas Neurological Institute and the Kansas Department of Health & Environment were all in attendance among many others.

Each booth held a different career path for students where they could demonstrate their knowledge of their chosen fields to potential employers.

“I’m looking for something local preferably, but whatever catches my eye really,” said PejaNae Black, a junior occupational therapist student. “There’s so many opportunities for health care students here that we don’t realize that we have, especially locally, which can really help us as students.”

The career fair also represented a great opportunity for many students to introduce themselves to employers and market themselves to those same professionals.

“I’m in the first year of my program and one of the things my instructors wanted us to do was to check out the different career opportunities available to us when we graduate,” said Amanda Kratina, a freshman occupational therapy student. “I’m really into the home health care field and I plan on looking for opportunities in the Topeka area.”

Employers who attended the career fair were also excited about the opportunity to meet potential new employees and get to know them better.

“I’ve spoken with 10 students so far today but it’s still early,” said Leslie Gish, the Human Resources Director at the Kansas Neurological Institute. “I’ve been talking to a lot of occupational therapist students as we specialize in occupational as well as physical therapy.”

All in all, the Health Care Career Fair was a success for all those involved. Many students will go on to find employment in their respective fields and begin their own professional careers.

“It’s good to know what’s out there. As you’re getting ready to enter the job market it’s good to know what’s being offered, what the benefits are, what your career is going to look like in twenty years. You need to ask yourself what kind of upward movement you can expect over the years,” said Gish.

If you are a Health field major and you missed the career fair this year, don’t sweat it. Another fair will be coming to Washburn next year.

Edited by Adam White, Jackson Woods, Hannah Mitchell, Jessica Galvin