Washburn Career Fair

On Wednesday students had the opportunity to stop by Lee Arena and see the businesses that came for the career and graduate fair. Businesses had an orange flag if they were offering an internship while others were just there to give out information. This event gave students the opportunity to see what businesses are looking for in employees.

“Companies come back because they have found people in the past and have had success,” said Kent McAnally, director of career services.

Businesses are not the only people who show up, but also other colleges trying to recruit people for graduate school. Some of the majors that are being recruited are common like law and nursing. However Jackie Jorland, education coordinator, at the University of Kansas Medical Center was there representing a major that not many people might know about.

“Bio statistics is where we decipher and analyze clinical trials and research that the government does,” said Jorland.

For the most part the event was heavily advertised to attract the most students possible. For freshmen the fair qualified as a passport event for their WU 101 class. The fair was advertised for Washburn Tech students also, but not everyone heard about it in time.

“I did not find out about the fair until the day before so I did not have time to prepare a resume,” said David Thompson, Washburn Tech student majoring in advanced system technology.

There were businesses looking for all different types of majors, almost all the businesses were looking for students who were a business major like Sean Miller, sophomore business manager major. Like many students, Miller had his own reasons for attending the fair.

“This is a great way to network and gives you an opportunity to get an internship which can get your foot into the door of a business since you will already have had experience,” said Miller.