TCCP holds fund-raiser at The Burger Stand

Topeka Community Cycle Project held the fourth annual bike party in The Burger Stand at College Hill on Dec. 6 from 8 p.m. to midnight. The party named, Flat Tire, was opened for all people who were interested in it.

Invisible Bike Bands performed the music for this event. People who joined the event where expected to give a $5 donation. TCCP provided some jewelry, hats and t-shirts for sale. The money collected from this party will help fund the organization.

“We hold this party for the summer event. We will maintain our building, which is in the downtown Topeka.” said Karl Fundenberger, vice president of TCCP.

TCCP is a volunteer organization made up of bicycle fans. All the members like to promote the bicycle culture by sharing their experience and interests with other people.

“After I graduated from high school, I would like to have a bike rather than a car,” said Andrew Vogel, a board member of TCCP. “I rode my bike to college, and now I ride it goes to work every day. I feel peaceful with environment and nature. I really like this feeling. I join in TCCP, because of my experience in China. In Beijing, I came into contact with Bicycle Polo. When I came back to Topeka, I seek an organization to continue to do it.”

TCCP provide a good opportunity to learn and take part in helping transportations. The TCCP will take bicycle donations and give them to those like bicycles and can’t afford to buy them.

“I hope everyone stops using a car. Riding a bike is a way to save money and close to nature,” said Vogel. “It is also really fun and cool.”

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