The Washburn Review

‘Parasite’ deservedly wins big

Nicholas Solomon

February 18, 2020

Out of all the areas of the world considered foreign to the U.S., for some reason South Korea has tons of movies I adore. "Oldboy," "I Saw the Devil," "The Man From Nowhere," and so many others, are films that have one thing in ...

1917 review

Nicholas Solomon

January 15, 2020

Having already won several awards by the time this review is written, “1917” had a lot of hype surrounding it following release.  The film tells the story of two young soldiers fighting during World War I in Northern France. Comin...

Chill Out: One of my favorite features of the new B&B theater is the reclining heated seats. Pictured is one of the theater's auditoriums.

B&B theaters Topeka review

November 12, 2019

“Zombieland: Double Tap” continues memorable story

Nicholas Solomon

October 20, 2019

Looking back, Zombieland has to be one of the movies I watched the most when I was younger. Everything about it predicted my favorite types of films, exceedingly violent and darkly comedic, as well as films that are very meta. Be...

Celebrating ‘Last Blood’: First Blood review

Nicholas Solomon

September 10, 2019

I am cautiously optimistic for Rambo 5, aka Last Blood. A huge fan of the series since I was a kid, seeing Stallone return as an older John J. Rambo has me very excited for when it comes out in a couple weeks. To celebrate, I am ...