B&B theaters Topeka review

Chill Out: One of my favorite features of the new B&B theater is the reclining heated seats. Pictured is one of the theater’s auditoriums.

Nicholas Solomon

B&B Theatres is new to Topeka and it’s well worth visiting. The spacious theatre seating makes the experience much more enjoyable for the frequent moviegoer.  

B&B Theaters, located at 2829 SW Fairlawn Road, is a family owned theater chain operating in the Midwest – it has just been introduced to Topeka. The theatre is equipped with Grand Screens, MX4D technology, as well as reclining, heated seats and a bar.

Location. Location. Location. B&B Theatres is a straight shot from campus. Imagine you’re going to the Fairlawn Dillons and take a left on SW Fairlawn, from there it is a straight shot to the Wheatfield Village.

Visitors are welcomed music playing from the speakers placed around the fully tended bar, ticket booth and register creating an inviting atmosphere. The bar has your 21+ drinks, while the registers at the snack bar has fountain drinks – medium and large being in the $6 range. Movie tickets for a standard film are about $14.

The theatres are spacious, making B&B Theatres uniquely comfortable. They are uncrowded and normally theaters have a ton of seats.

The individual theatre I visited only had 6 rows giving me the illusion of feeling secluded. This enhanced my viewing experience for specific films. Every theater aside from the MX4D, which is showing Midway; a Roland Emmerich’s WW2 film, is equipped with reclining heated seats. The sound system is also noticeable at the start of a movie, adding to the overall experience.

B&B employees also find the theatre environment welcoming.

“It’s like a family. It gives you high energy and makes you happy. It’s an amazing experience to be part of someone else’s enjoyment. People come here to relax and enjoy their movie, and being part of that is a very inspiring thing,” said one employee about the working environment.

“There’s never really a dull moment. We are kind of a family. We’ve only been open for about a week and we’re already pretty tight knit,” another employee added.

I can safely say that B&B Wheatfield is worth visiting. The Grand Screen and MX4D is aesthetically pleasing. The seating is spacious and comfortable with fair pricing when considering the enhanced experience.

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Edited by Wesley Tabor