WU’s Christian organizations

Nicholas Solomon

In addition to the Pagan Student Union and the Muslim Student Organization, there are also several Christian organizations around campus, encompassing some different groups and denominations. One of these organizations is God’s Bods. According to treasurer Kaitlyn Rohr, the goal of the Catholic-based organization is for students to find their faith.

“Celebrate their religion and practice their faith. The purpose is to try and help young people nurture their faith and learn how to find the to help aid them in their discovery of their own personal religion, and provide friendship as well as fellowship,” said Rohr.

There is also the Christian Challenge. According to Christian Challenge member Grace Cole, the organization works to bring people together. 

“Primarily focus on providing a good community for students on campus where they can come learn about God, and we want them to have where place to be encourage. Community is hard when you first come to college, that’s what we want to be is a good community,” said Cole.

Another Christian organization is Young Life, which welcomes members with open arms as much as the others do. Member Ayawna Singleton explained the goal of the organization.

“Young Life is a Christian Organization, and there is no specific denomination of Christianity we focus on. Our main focus is to bring Jesus to adolescents. So we do Wyldlife, which is middle school, Young Life for high school, and here we do Young Life College,” said Singleton.

Students can also join the Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship. Member Katie Brighton spoke about what it’s like to be a part of Chi Alpha.

“We like to find, feed and fight for. We find people who really want to go to deeper with God, we feed them, and give them spiritual food, helping them in a sense, mentor them. We fight for them, spiritually fighting for them, and being someone there to listen. We aren’t really focused on reaching a large group of people, we are really focused on finding a small group and focusing on real life change,” said Brighton.

Finally, there is Called to Greatness, a campus ministry. According to member MacKenzie Tickles, the organization is about learning how to live by what God intends.

“God has called us to live a life of greatness. We define greatness as being the full expression of what God created us to be. Call to Greatness really works as a community to help young men and women, giving them encouragement, fellowship. We really focused on working to introduce the students to God’s greater plan, to creatively address problems that aren’t just in their college but in their lives too.”

Edited by Shelby Hanson, Adam White, Brianna Smith, Jessica Galvin