The Washburn Review

Best ways students can relieve stress

August 28, 2018

The older people get, the more responsibilities they take on and the higher their stress levels grow. First, the rigors of high school put everyone through the wringer. Then they move on to college and find out that high school ...

5 tips to help you conquer studying

Whitney Clum

March 26, 2018

People arrive at college surprised that cracking open a textbook every once in a while isn’t a bad idea or with color-coordinated pencil bags stuffed to bursting with multicolored highlighters.Both are terrible ideas, since mo...

Phone apps an addition to the student arsenal

Charles Rankin

February 1, 2017

Looking around campus, you will no doubt see dozens of students staring down at phones, using various applications to make their college lives easier. Or just looking at funny pictures their friends posted on Snapchat.Students...