Cram your Bod for finals


It’s the word that makes any student cringe. The word that brings panic, anxiety, and any number of other negative emotions to mind. Step into Mabee Library in the last month of school and one finds every corner packed with students freaking out about maintaining that perfect GPA, figuring out the smallest percentage needed to pass the test, or combing through the minutest details, trying to pick up on something that might have been missed.

 Finals suck. There is no better way to put it. They are unnecessary, evil and an erroneous way to measure retention rates. And success week is a synonym for hell week. However, this article is not to debate the usefulness of final exams. It is to give you, the reader, some tips and tricks on how to get through the worst week of your semester. Some students who were interviewed had very specific study habits, and some didn’t. 

Paul Xia, a junior economics major, was very precise in his study habits.

“I make a detailed plan about the final test, read the textbook and my notes I took on the class. Then I ask the teacher how to prepare the test and get info from my classmates. I eat healthier; I eat a lot of salad, steak and cheese.” 

“[I] fill out many study guides, especially if the professor provides them. I make sure to take walks around campus to clear my mind. I get free massages from PTA and I eat healthy,” said Robert Miller, a junior French major.

Amber Oshel, a senior psychology major, takes a very practical approach to studying for her finals.

“I study the night before the test,” said Oshel. 

Between Xia and Miller’s answers, the trick is to try to stay organized and take little bites at a time. It is difficult to cram an entire semester’s worth of material in one night. Although this trick might work for some, for others, it will only result in failure. 

Try to stay away from the greasy food in the Union. A burger and fries might sound good at the time, but fat and grease will dull your thinking processes and make you tired and sluggish.

Suite101, a website devoted to a plethora of information, has a section devoted to campus life and has excellent ideas for studying.

With these tips in mind, hopefully you can find studying for your finals much easier. Just remember to relax and to not overwhelm yourself. Chamomile tea with honey is a good drink for you to sip on while you study, and it helps you relax. Yogi is a brand that can be found in the tea and coffee aisle at Wal-Mart that has a selection of teas to either relax or awaken you. Also, get plenty of sleep. Stressing out is the worst thing any student can do to him or herself, so keep that in mind as you crack open those textbooks.

Good luck, Ichabods.