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Brown Bag lecture – diversity management in Africa

Yue Li

September 28, 2019

Norma Juma, professor of strategic management, gave a lecture about diversity management in Africa at the International House Sept. 25. Washburn students, faculty and auditors attended this lecture.Juma first showed pictures ...

Media and Diversity: What exposure can do

November 4, 2018

Recently for the Washburn Review, I was tasked with watched “Welcome to Waverly," a new Bravo docuseries that follows the adventures of seven diverse urbanites in Waverly, a tiny town in Kansas with a demographic that hasn’...

United in diversity: Celebration of Cultures in its 10th year

November 22, 2017

Students from over 40 countries reside on Washburn’s campus, and they bring their vibrant cultures with them.Miyuki Nishimura, international club president, emphasized the importance of being exposed to numerous cultures.“I believe that the world would be a little bit more peaceful exposing ourselves to different countries, differents cultures, learning about them and not refusing them,” said Nishimura.The traditions and cultural practices of these international students were on full display at the 10th annual Celebration of Cultures on Nov. 18. Hosted the international club, this event featured informational booths for each student’s home country, stage performances and a fashion show.Ivan Pitsin, junior computer science major, is an international student from Bulgaria, and this was his first year participating in the Celebration of Cultures.“I am glad they organize this event every year,” Pitsin said. “If [students] have a chance to explore the world, Bulgaria is a beautiful country to visit.”Pitsin said that what he loves most about Bulgaria are its mountains, which are ideal for hiking and skiing. According to Pitsin, Bulgaria is the crossroads between Europe and the Middle East which gives it great cultural value.“You can see monuments from different cultures that have passed on that road through the years, [like those of] Alexander the Great or the Roman Empire,” Pitsin said. “There is a lot to see.”Erya Dhepa, freshman computer science major, represented Nepal at the event. She shared a Nepali sweet carrot cake dish at her booth.Dhepa said that Washburn is a welcoming environment for international students.“I think Washburn accepts and embraces all the cultures,” Dhepa said. “We have different international students from all over the world and it’s a diverse university.”The stage performances featured at the Celebration of Cultures included various displays of dance, music and martial arts. The fashion show displayed traditional dress from around the globe. During the show’s intermission, audience members were challenged to learn how to say hello in at least five different languages.The event closed with the entire audience being invited on stage for a group dance to celebrate the unification of all cultures here on Washburn’s campus.Baili Zhang, director of the international program, was happy with the Washburn community’s reception of the event.“I’m glad to report that these students are strongly supported and adored our university and larger communities,” Zhang said.

Black Student Union offers community, diversity

Shi'erra Lolar

November 14, 2017

Ali Longstreet, BSU President 1. What is your role in BSU and how did you get the opportunity to become that? “I’m the president of BSU. Basically, I am the one to speak to different people of different organizations. I am t...

WU Words celebrates diversity

Shayndel Jones

February 15, 2017

Diversity is something Washburn University strives to expose everyone to, whether a student, faculty or staff member. Professor Sharon Sullivan highlights the diversity that appears on the campus in her crafting of the “WU Words Pr...

Washburn’s first Multicultural Recruitment Day proves a success

Brittany Wright

November 10, 2016

For the first time in its history, Washburn University hosted a recruitment event aimed at piquing the interest of junior and senior high school students of diverse cultural backgrounds in Topeka and other areas in the state.Th...

WU Words Project hopes to give students a voice

Natalie Engler

September 15, 2016

The WU Words Project, created by Sharon Sullivan, theatre professor, hopes to provide students a voice and allow them to tell their story. The project is designed to reach out to the immense diverse community at Washburn and enc...

Annual Oscar nominees exhibit low diversity

Amy Reinhardt

January 28, 2016

A new trending hashtag relating to the upcoming Academy Awards has reappeared and become visibly popular on Twitter as well as other social media outlets within the past week. The hashtag #OscarsSoWhite was originated by Ap...