Black Student Union offers community, diversity

Shi'erra Lolar

Ali Longstreet, BSU President

1. What is your role in BSU and how did you get the opportunity to become that?

“I’m the president of BSU. Basically, I am the one to speak to different people of different organizations. I am the spokesperson of BSU. If someone has a question or they want us to participate in something, they talk to me. I got the position because we had a voting process and I was elected. I was friends with the former president, so I got the opportunity to be a leader on campus and I got to watch her and all her hard work, so I wanted to continue what she had done.”

2. Why did you decide to join?

“I wanted to get involved on Washburn’s campus. I definitely wanted to be a part of an organization where I felt that I belonged a little more being a person of color. BSU is here for that. I also wanted to help out with the diversity more on campus.”

3. What are some of the major events that BSU has participated in, so far?

“Last year, we helped out with the Greek Step Show. We also did panels last spring – just different panel discussions on race. We’ve also partnered with people about healthy lifestyles and what healthy relationships would look like. We also went to the Big 12 and have been able to bring different stuff back from that. They bring back things like different leadership skills. They get to go there and network with different organizations.”

4. What are some future events that people can keep an eye out for?

“Our relationship talks, for February, since it’s black history month. Then also, – it’ll probably be next semester – but we will be partnering with Westar for some opportunities and also KVC, as well. We will also be having a poetry slam and some guest speakers as well.”

5. When and where does BSU meet?

“We meet every Monday in the Blair room in the LLC.”

Chase Holford, BSU Vice President

1. Being vice president, what are some of your responsibilities?

“My main responsibility is to help Ali, my president, with everything. Everything is a team effort for us since she has a lot on her plate.”

2. What is the best thing about being involved in BSU?

“I would say the best thing is that we are really like a family. Our meetings are fun. We can jump around, it’s very calm and chill, but we still get stuff done. Everyone is comfortable with each other.

3. How long have you been involved in BSU?

“I’ve been involved in BSU for two and a half years. I was also in BSU at [Emporia University] and Topeka High as well.”

4. Why should other students look into joining?

“I would say, join BSU because one, we have a good mission it’s for a good cause. It brings a lot of relevance to issues going on in the world and our country and because there’s going to be diversity everywhere you go, so you can learn about social injustice here. It will prepare you for the outside world. We are very accepting and we will let anyone join.”