Hello from the Editors

We are excited in Student Media to announce that we have some changes.

Instead of publication editors, we are now orgnanized into teams, which will provide and manage content and production of the weekly newspaper, the website and the Kaw Yearbook.

This switch allows all team members to work together more effectively to create quality content for all three media.

We have an executive editor to lead each of the following teams: news, sports, a&e, advertising and art. Each team also has an associate editor and reporters.

We are still trying to transition into this change and get used to the new set up. We have found so far that splitting it up into teams makes it much easier to get jobs done.

Thanks to all of our readers who continuously support us and send us feedback or ideas to what is happening throughout our community.

Student Media is a great “hands on” experience that gets everyone involved a chance to be a part of the Washburn community.

We encourage anyone who loves to write, take pictures, design or edit to come stop by our office. Student Media is a great way to get out of your shell and actually be a part of Washburn’s campus.

We apologize for the misspelling of assistant biology professor, Takrima Sadikot.

We would also like to apologize for the late publishing and delivery of our paper.

The staff at the Independence Examiner has changed, and we are working with a lot of new people here at the Washburn Review.

Thank you for your patience and for reading the Review. We appreciate any feedback. Constructive criticism is the only way to grow.

We invite you to view the full spread online at issuu. com/wureview. You can find all of our past issues from the past several years on this site.