Editorial: Halloween costume blues


Once again it’s that time of year. That time where everyone can be whatever they want, and party as hard as they want, and no one has to know it’s you because you can wear a mask. Yes people, I’m talking about Halloween.

The one time of the year when everything our society knows about what is “acceptable” doesn’t matter. The only problem with Halloween is acutally having to come up with a clever costume because let’s face it, who wants to spend hundreds of dollars on a costume you will only wear one night of the year? Definitely not me.

So you go to the second option, which is make a homemade costume. But no matter how many times you Google ideas none of them are satisfyingly brilliant. My next option is to go to Pinterest and try to replicate someone else’s work.

Pinterest tends to always be my enemy. No matter how many times I try or believe that it will be my ally, it always defeats me in the end. Nothing ever turns out in real life like it does on Pinterest, unless of course it’s food.

Why is it so difficult to find a clever Halloween costume? We’ve been celebrating Halloween for more than 100 years so why do I constantly see the same costumes over and over again. Superheroes, fairies, princesses, athletes, smarty pants and slutty anything is just way too overused.

Halloween used to be a time where costumes were clever and people actually gave it their all so they could win those costume contest prizes. However, over the years people have gotten sloppy. Hardly anyone puts thought into their costumes anymore. All people want are a quick outfit so they don’t look out of place at parties. Whatever gets them in the door because everyone is drunk anyway so they won’t remember the sloppy costumes in the morning.

I want to see excitement and thought into costumes this year. I want students to come to campus this Friday in the best costume they’ve ever had. People should be asking you what you are dressed as because it shows it’s something new and exciting, not the same old same old.

Halloween has become a holiday for commercial advertising but we should take it back and make it our own. Don’t buy into consumerism, make something original and unique. Halloween is an unique holiday and it should show in all your costumes.