Hall-WU-Ween costume contest approaches WU

Kenzie McCoy

Have a unique Halloween costume that you want to show off? This Friday, The Washburn  Campus Activities Board is hosting their annual Hall-WU-Ween costume contest. Competition for the most creative costume, worst costume, scariest costume, and more will be judged at 2 P.M.

To enter into the contest, head over to Memorial Union around 1:30 P.M.  on Friday to register. CAB is anxious to hold this contest again this year, since it was such a success last Halloween.

“[The contest] is such a big hit for students and a lot of fun, even some community members came out last year,” said Margeaux Seymour, Varieties and Entertainment Director for CAB.

Last year, Cleopatra, a zombie nurse, and Captain America were memorable costumes, but the pressure is on this year to see who gets creative.

“I’m sure we will see a lot of Walking Dead costumes,” said Blair Capps, CAB Entertainment Director. “It would be really cool of somebody went as Ron Burgandy.”

So before heading to the candy bowl, grab a couple of friends, put on some creative costumes, and head to Memorial Union to enter the Hall-WU-Ween costume contest.


From facebook page:

Photo by Damian Barron, Junior