Child’s Play and Void new senior exhibitions

MIXED MEDIA: Ashley Russell’s exhibition includes several media forms. This piece, Woven Eggs, includes rope rubber bands and adhesive.

Grace Foiles

Katie Child and Ashley Russell, senior fine arts majors, are displaying their senior shows this week. Child’s exhibition entitled “Child’s Play.”

“Each piece in this accumulation of work represents a mile- stone on my journey to become the individual I am. This work is a concrete manifestation of my growth,” said Child in her exhibition statement.

Child is pursuing her Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis on art education.

“I found that as I spent more time during the semester volunteering with art projects and doing outreach work with kids in the 501 school district. I loved teaching and working with those kids so much.” Child said.

Ashley Russell’s exhibition is entitled “Void.”

Russell said the name of this exhibition comes from the concept of voids and barriers within the theme of her show. She said most of the show is 2D work printmaking monotypes – which were all created during her semester study abroad in Belgium. Other media includes glass and mixed media sculpture. Russell’s Bachelor of Fine Arts degree includes an emphasis in printmaking.

“My inspiration was the push towards thinking about art beyond aesthetics, which had been a void during much of my artistic education. Visually, I am inspired by the geometry within nature, architecture and the colors in fruits, vegetables and antiques,” Russell said.

Russell plans to stay active in the Topeka arts community and will assist muralist Dave Loewenstein as his apprentice with the new addition to the Great Mural Wall of Topeka. Russell has also applied for several artist residencies.

The exhibitions will be in the John R. Adams art building for two weeks, from April 6 to April 17. The building is open on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.