Local elections and reefer madness in Kansas

Local elections and reefer madness in Kansas

Micah Offerman

Kansas voters hit the polls yesterday to elect local officials and vote on propositions to different municipalities.

Among these was the proposition to decriminalize the possession of less than 32 grams of marijuana in Wichita. The proposition passed by a margin of 2,984 votes and reduces the fine of a first possession marijuana offense from $2,500 to only $50. Under the proposition, possession of marijuana is no longer a misdemeanor offense but instead will be considered a criminal infraction, which is the equivalent of a traffic ticket.

In Topeka, districts 2, 4, 6 and 8 voted to elect a councilman to represent them in city council meetings. Sandra Clear, a life-long resident of Topeka, won district 2 by a margin of 311 votes. Clear ran on the issues of voter trust and representation, council transparency and open mindedness in representation.

District 4 elected Jonathan Schumm, a former corrections officer and current Financial Representative. Platforms Schumm ran on included public safety, bringing jobs back to Topeka and improving the streets and infrastructure.

District 6 – the district representing the Washburn area – chose Brendan Jensen as their representative, a 32 year-old Technology Director at the United Way of Greater Topeka. According to the CJ Online voter’s guide, Jensen stands for open channels of communication, growing the urban community and economic development.

Finally, District 8 selected Jeffrey Coen, a small business owner in Topeka. Coen ran on the platforms of hearing concerns of the public, creating jobs, and making for safer streets in the capitol city.