Topeka gaming tournament attracts more than 150 people

Lisa Herdman

Megacake Meltdown, a series of gaming tournaments in Topeka, Kansas, brought in a crowd of more than 150 participants on June 26 and 27 at Going Bonkers. Some gamers even came from neighboring states to take part in the festivities.

Participants had the chance to enter tournaments to win prizes, enter drawings for games and consoles, and take part in a special menu that included 10 percent off of regular menu items in the venue.

“I’m wanting to participate in the Wii-only Smash Brothers game,” said Clark Henry, a participant in the Smash Brothers Bros. Brawl tournament. “If you win you can get cash prizes and games.”

Going Bonkers provided the venue for Megacake, allowing the space for the turnout to be nearly doubled this year. They encouraged younger gamers to participate in the tournaments and provided access to their playplace, games and food court.

Some gamers came simply to spectate and enjoy the atmosphere. Gaming systems were set up to allow gamers the chance to play games for free or create their own tournaments.

“I’m not participating in a tournament, I’m just watching,” said Matthew Hodges. “I came all the way here from Kansas City just to watch the tournaments. I’ve known about Megacake for years, and waited for another one to come around. It is awesome.”

Marvin Smith and Brail Watson, the creators of Megacake Meltdown, came out to participate and host the event. They hope to help the event grow outward to all of the midwest and bring gamers in to Topeka.

“We want to take over the whole midwest. That is our goal,” Watson said. “I want to bring it here to Topeka. We don’t have a whole lot of stuff here for gamers. I want to bring the whole midwest here and make Topeka its home.”

Watson said he hopes to gain more support from gamers in Topeka and the surrounding area so he can provide more at the next Megacake. He encourages gamers to bring their own games and systems to start their own tournaments and offer a more diverse gaming experience for everyone.

“This isn’t our game, it’s your game,” Watson said. “However much you support us, we’ll give trifold back to you. This [gaming] community is good, and is good for the rest of the community. This is where dreams come to die, and legacies are born.”

For videos of the tournaments and information, visit the Megacake 3rd Strike Facebook page at