‘Mosaic’ lights up WU

Dylan McManis

On Sunday, September 20 at 3 p.m. in White Concert Hall, the Washburn University department of music hosted the Sixth Annual Mosaic Concert, which hosted all of Washburn’s musical ensembles.

The concert showcased 16 different performances within just one hour and 10 minutes, with each ensemble performing a single piece. Several of the ensembles did not even have their own conductors and were instead impressively self lead. The concert was one seamless, uninterrupted performance.

The concert was free to get into, but the music department did encourage donations since the concert itself was not free to put on. All of the money raised goes towards providing funds that support the students of the music department.

Michael Mapp, the producer of the concert and the director of several ensembles, had this to say:

“The concert will feature all of our students… it is early in the year and it’s a challenge sometimes to put all this together, but it’s a good way for the school year to start and for the department of music at Washburn to display all of the students and their musical talents.”

“It will go with no intermission, it is one seamless concert with lighting, and in fact we encourage the audience to avoid clapping after each act since its non-stop.”

Mapp credited Guillermo Rodriguez, a student, as being mostly responsible for the spontaneous and almost breathtaking lighting that accompanied each performance, keeping the appearance of every ensemble as original as the one before them.

Mapp himself had predicted that the concert would go about an hour and 15 minutes, as they usually do. Nothing like executing a concert so well that it is five minutes shorter than predicted.