“The Perfect Guy” stalks its way into your heart

Lisa Herdman

If you are looking for a thrilling movie with romance, horror and some comedy, then “The Perfect Guy” is right for you.

When Leah, a successful career woman, becomes fed up with waiting around for her emotionally distant boyfriend to propose, she takes control and ends the relationship. Not long after, Carter, the new and exciting man in her life, sweeps her off her feet and Leah quickly believes he might be too good to be true.

After a visit to her parents house that goes over impossibly well, the story takes a major turn when Leah watches in horror as Carter beats a man within an inch of his life, all because he presumably was flirting with Leah.

From here, obviously she leaves him and the story turns for the worse as Carter is unwilling to accept Leah’s rejection and takes to stalking her.

I found this movie exhilarating and genuinely enjoyable. The plot moved quickly, and did a great job keeping its audience interested.

Straight out of the gate we were able to enjoy the impending doom of the main character, and I love the fast turn around of a great relationship into the terrifying life of a woman controlled by an obsessive man.

The character development was spot on for the main characters, albeit pretty stereotyped with the extra characters.

I loved that I was able to feel I knew the actors well, and could reason their decisions based on who I felt they were. Leah felt headstrong, and I knew that she was too proud to leave the situation without good reason.

Carter was calculated, and I were able to get enough of his background to feel he was more than just the “unexplained bad guy” of the story.

What really made the movie shine was its suspenseful scenes that were wonderfully executed. One scene in particular was Carter hiding under Leah’s bed. I easily felt the strong sense of danger, and it made for an exhilarating experience.

The only thing I had a problem with was that I wanted there to be more substantial interactions with other characters in the story. There were four main people the story followed, which gave the rest of the other people, namely Leah’s friends, a pretty cardboard stand-in feel. I felt it was weird that the movie didn’t once mention the concern of Leah’s friends or parents, and not a single friend offered to let her stay with them in her time of extreme detriment.

However, the action-packed scenes and the bewilderment as I attempted to figure out exactly what Carter could be planning next gave the movie the push above other stalker movies it needed. The add-on of the police chasing after him gave the film added layers of action and realism.

I would recommend experiencing this movie, even if you are not necessarily excited about the idea of yet another stalker movie. It brings psychology, thrill and some comedy into the mix that makes it feel genuine and interesting.