The Washburn Review

‘Sleepless’ puts audiences to sleep

Andrew Shermoen

January 31, 2017

“Sleepless” is an unfaithful and poorly conceived remake of the 2011 French thriller of the same name. It’s messy, poorly acted, and an absolute snooze fest. Every second of its contrived plot makes one wonder why a...

‘The Girl on the Train’ stuck at the station

Andrew Shermoen

October 16, 2016

It’s a shame that one must be so disappointed by one of your most anticipated films of the year. 2016 has been filled with countless let-downs and “The Girl on the Train” is no different. With a star-studded cast of...

“The Perfect Guy” stalks its way into your heart

Lisa Herdman

September 17, 2015

If you are looking for a thrilling movie with romance, horror and some comedy, then “The Perfect Guy” is right for you. When Leah, a successful career woman, becomes fed up with waiting around for her emotionally distant boyfri...