From a freshman’s point of view

Jordyn Wells

No one likes to become the freshman all over again.

When you are a senior in high school, you have to make a lot of decisions. Where am I going to college? How am I going to say goodbye to my friends? How will I not become homesick?

With all of the freedom comes great responsibility. One major responsibility that you’re going to face everyday is your health.

The number one question that most incoming freshmen have is if the freshmen 15 is real?

If you ask any college student, they will most likely give the same answer, which is yes, it most definitely exists.

As a college student, you are most likely on a tight budget. Most students live on campus as a freshman, which typically includes a meal plan.

So most of your meals are set, right? Well, if you want to eat burgers, pasta and salad everyday, it is glorious. Don’t get me wrong, the cafeteria food is delicious. However, you may want to switch up your food cravings every once in a while.

Some restaurants are healthier than others, so now is when you need that strong willed, responsible freshman side of you to kick in.

If you had a choice between Dairy Queen and Panera Bread, most would usually go for the greasy cheeseburger and ice cream. This can be the wrong choice.

Panera Bread has various options to choose from: soup, pasta, salad, sandwiches and many different sides to go along with the meals.

Even though ice cream and greasy foods are not bad for you every once in awhile, if you eat it almost everyday, you are almost guaranteeing that The Freshman 15 will attack you within the first couple of weeks.

Other, healthier restaurant options include: Chipotle, Bradley’s Corner Café, Longhorn Steakhouse and Olive Garden. There are also healthier options to choose from if you are looking for dessert including: G’s Frozen Custard & Yogurt, Orange Leaf and Cold Stone Creamery.

Of course, in every restaurant there will be healthy choices and unhealthy choices, and it is ultimately up to you to choose your path.

Another option is the student REC Center. It is hard to find a college in this day and age that does not have a REC Center. Here at Washburn, the college provides various activities such as group exercises, intramural sports, rock wall climbing and free weights.

You can also start a program known as “Active Ichabod.” The Active Ichabod program lets you earn points every time you visit the REC Center, which will lead you to “cash in” and get free items.

The Student Recreation and Wellness Center have hours posted at or you can download their app, WU SRWC. I would highly recommend every student to use the services that they have available to them.