‘Divergent’ cast uses Twitter to connect with fans

Fans Flock: January 22nd brought together hundreds of Divergent fans.

Anna Ciummo

Shailene Woodley and Theo James, the two focal actors involved in the “Divergent” movie series, relied on Twitter Jan. 22 in order to communicate with their fans and answer questions about the upcoming third movie, “Allegiant.”

“Divergent” is a franchise that has earned about $585.75 million since the release of its most recent movie, “Insurgent.”

Katie Zimmer, a freshman looking toward a degree in radiologic technology, has seen the first movie and also read the books. She described the plot setup of the movies and books as a “story set in the future with each person in the society assigned to a specific group.”

Twitter advertised direct communication between fans and the cast and implemented the hashtag #AskAllegiant as a gateway. The actors responded in video format to tweeters and answered questions like “If Tris and Tobias got married, what would be their wedding song?” and “Who messed up the scenes most when filming?”

Rick Duet is a professor in the mass media department at Washburn and teaches classes involving media literacy.

“It’s not surprising that [the franchise] is doing this,” Duet said about the Twitter live Q&A. “It’s a good advertising tactic, but I just don’t believe the fans realize that it probably isn’t the cast that is responding.”

Zimmer also said she thinks that the “Divergent” franchise on Twitter is making a good decision in creating a connection with the fanbase.

“They’ll be able to make more money, and it’ll make the movie seem more interesting,” Zimmer said.

The “Divergent” series began in March 2014, with the first installment, then with “Insurgent” in 2015 and now “Allegiant,” which will be split into two parts. Zimmer said that this caused her to have a “love-hate relationship” with the movie.

“Having two parts gives you more details, but I don’t like having to wait for the last movie,” Zimmer said.

The new movie, “Allegiant Part 1,” is to be released on March 18.