Washburn currently hiring forensic anthropologist

Kenzie McCoy

Washburn’s Anthropology and Sociology department is currently in the process of reviewing and interviewing applications for an assistant professor of anthropology with a specialization in forensic anthropology. Washburn now offers a bachelor of science in anthropology with a concentration in Forensics, which is the first forensic bachelor degree concentration offered in Kansas. The new KBI building on campus, which opened in November 2015, has brought new opportunities for students. Washburn’s anthropology and sociology department is looking for a new staff member to work with forensic anthropology students.

Tammy Schlingmann, senior administrative assistant for the sociology/anthropology department, said that Washburn is currently in the process of interviewing applications for this new position.

Applicants are required to have a doctorate in anthropology with an emphasis in biological anthropology and must show teaching experience. The new forensic anthropologist will have access to lab space in the KBI building and will be teaching four classes every semester. These classes may could include Excavation Methods and Forensic Analysis, Human Osteology, which will consist of bone studying activities and other introductory and upper-level forensic science courses.