The Washburn Review

Religion, Magic and Witchcraft: Washburn Course

November 5, 2018

Washburn is offering an anthropology course involving religion, magic and witchcraft in the spring 2019. Professor Mary Sundal will be teaching the AN313 course. According to Washburn’s website, the course is described as a cross-...

Washburn in the process of hiring new archeologist

Kenzie McCoy

March 10, 2016

Margaret Wood worked at Washburn for 13 years before leaving in December of 2015. Wood began working at Washburn in 2002 and spent her time working as an archeologist and improved the archeology emphasis in the anthropology/socio...

Washburn currently hiring forensic anthropologist

Kenzie McCoy

March 9, 2016

Washburn’s Anthropology and Sociology department is currently in the process of reviewing and interviewing applications for an assistant professor of anthropology with a specialization in forensic anthropology. Washburn now offe...

Forensic anthropology at Washburn offers television-like opportunities

Kenzie McCoy

February 23, 2016

Washburn students can now receive a degree for excavating dead bodies, analyzing trauma and evaluating bones.While these tasks may seem like a scene out of Fox’s crime-based show “Bones,” it’s become a reality at Washburn...