We came, we wrote, we loved

Review Editorial Staff

In the words of Albus Dumbledore, “Another year, gone.”

Our goal at the beginning of the semester was to help the Washburn Review evolve into a source not just for news, but for reflection. We wanted to write stories that brought challenging and controversial issues to light. We wanted to give a voice to students and organizations that typically go unheard. Our editorial team is confident that we accomplished our mission – to make this publication about you and what you do.

This semester has been a time of growth and maturing at the Washburn Review. We welcomed new staff members on board and we watched our seasoned reporters flourish and take on greater responsibilities. Perhaps this is normal of an organization this size, but we are especially proud of the mentors and leaders that have shaped this team into a powerhouse of strong reporting.

In our final editorial meeting, we mentioned that something about the atmosphere in the Review office has changed this semester. Comradery and solidarity have become our greatest strengths. There were times this semester that horrible circumstances fell upon editors or reporters, and each time the team rallied together in support.

The Washburn Review is a house of cards – not in the sense that it’s shaky or unstable, but that, from top to bottom, every single piece – every single person – not only matters but is integral in the success and sustainability of the organization. As members of the Review come to understand that, we all, at one point or another, learn that we are part of something much more special than just a part-time college job.

Reporter Andrew Shermoen once said after taking a last minute story, “I’m happy to help. You guys are like family.” The managing editor will admit she cried after that message. Because this team is a family.

This job can be tough and exhausting – the news never sleeps, you know. But this team has made showing up for work fun and each long production night an event to look forward to.