Travel tips for adventurous Ichabods

According to research done by youth traveling company, Student Marketing,  young travelers tend to spend more time and money when traveling. 

Here it is, the week of finals. Students never have it easy when the semester is in its full spin. At first it is the stress of figuring out the best study approach for every class. Then it is the stress of meeting the full range of exams, assignments, presentations, lectures and papers. Then the most stressful of all times is the finals week that seems to have the power to either destroy or refine our future life path.

No one will disagree that college students deserve a nice vacation for a chance to change the scenery, explore the unknown and meet new people. Summer is the perfect opportunity to do so. Every one of us is sort of living in anticipation of that “light at the end of a tunnel” that gives us the motivation to keep pushing throughout the school year. We have suffered, but we have also kept fighting to earn the right to live up to our dreams during the summer.

The last thing any student needs is to keep suffering during the sunniest part of the year by having to give up on all of the dreams because of money.

Students so often take traveling off of their to-do list because conventional ways for traveling can be too expensive and not worthwhile. High-priced flight tickets, hotels and food expenses can be devastating for college students. 

I have decided to investigate into alternative opportunities for Ichabods to overcome all of the obstacles and make the summer of their dreams to come true. But before proceeding further, it is important to realize the need to make travel a priority during the summer break, otherwise there will always be other things to spend money on leaving you with no funds toward a desired vacation.

“I would definitely suggest to save your money on souvenirs, and enjoy your experience instead,” said Danae Wells, a senior kinesiology major. 

With the development of the Internet, it is now easier than ever to choose from endless options from the Web. People from all corners of the planet are leveraging their time and properties to make money or simply get a cultural experience that is available just with a click of a mouse.

Before utilizing countless opportunities, I suggest taking a few hours to brainstorm different locations that you dream of spending your summer in. The wider the range, the more options you will have to choose from.

After the location is decided on, look at the most reliable websites to search the options that fit your goals. If you are looking to eliminate your accommodation expenses, consider This website allows world-wanderers to travel for years while meeting locals at any location by dropping on their couch for a night at absolutely no price. You will not only save paychecks’ worth from that side job, but also will get off the tourist track and right into an epicenter of a location.

For some Ichabods who wish to stay for longer periods of time at the dream site without excessive expenditure, the most reasonable way to go is Airbnb. This online company bypasses the conventional ways of traveling and instead improves the economy while allowing the access to locals. The daily-rates run from as low as $15 a day for a room with free breakfast. More so, both of the sites investigate safety to ensure the best experience for both parties.

For students who must reside in Kansas but sincerely wish to get their part of adventure, one of the cheapest ways is to travel to exciting places within their own state. Utilize when planning the route as it maps out the cheapest gas prices along the trip sites. Just plan your adventure starting early in the morning to have plenty of time for luring attractions without paying for accommodation.

Want to combine travel while learning some farming skills? There are countless options available. It is important, however, to know the most reliable sources. Help Exchange,, has proven to be one of the safest international online organizations. People from all walks of life will greatly provide room and board in exchange for help with abundant organic farm or even a blueberry hunting businesses, which is a great way to get connected to the nature.

Among a myriad of websites, only a few cater exclusively to students. STA Travel and Student Universe has gained its fame by providing dream travel experiences for very little coin. Ichabods will have a chance to receive package deals and discounts from airfare to tours and learn money-saving tips from fellow globe-wanderers.

Try to purchase an International Student Identity Card to snatch discounts on hotels, restaurants, tours and main attractions in 120 countries.

Instead of exclusively searching big online engines to book your tickets, try websites such as Which Budget, Skyscanner or Norwegian that most often list all the airlines that fly the route you desire, which potentially have surreally cheap prices. The big engines list only limited options and are overpriced, and many times dramatically.

“I always choose Norwegian airline because their prices are the cheapest and the quality is high,” said Sanna Siitary, an exchange student from Norway.

Lastly, there are always bus and train companies such as Megabus, Boltbus, RedCoach and Lux Bus America available to provide inexpensive service to major cities throughout the United States.