The Washburn Review

Sam Finch is passionate about film and video

April 23, 2019

Sam Finch, lecturer of mass media, has been teaching film and video at Washburn since fall 2018."Film and video have always been my passion. This [passion] allows me to be more excited and invested in what I am teaching," sai...

Craig Carter prepares future teachers

March 25, 2019

Craig Carter is the field placement director and a lecturer of education at Washburn. He helps education majors gain career practice and hands-on classroom experience while they are in school.“I tell people that I’ve alway...

WU 101: Experience or Flop

Gabriela Rodriguez, [email protected], is a freshman nursing major

September 10, 2014

As students settle into another new year, many find that back-to-school discussions consist of what classes they have and their first impressions of those classes.This is especially true for the freshman getting their first taste of hi...

BLOG: AJ vs. Homelessness

BLOG: AJ vs. Homelessness

November 11, 2012