North Korea up to their old tactics

Brian Cervantez

North Korea has again begun testing missile strikes. Some say that this begs the question of what the United States will do if North Korea decides to attack one of the U.S. allies, such as South Korea.

The North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, is at the forefront of using force because he has executed several of his officials.

“We should put more work into anti-missile defense systems,” said Caleb Marcus, senior, music major. “That way we’d be safer without really pointing a gun at another country.”

North Korea is unstable and no one knows when they will strike or if they will at all. The U.S. government is on alert after North Korea claims they have a hydrogen bomb.

North Korea may not be telling the truth and whenever they are in the media the world pays attention. North Korea claims to have a hydrogen bomb, and it may be something to fear. North Korea has been known to make statements in the past, but whether they’re telling the truth or not could be skewed because the North Korean media is controlled by the government. The United States has not taken this lightly and they will be on the lookout for anything suspicious within North Korea in the near future.

Other world leaders like Motohide Yoshikawa, the Ambassador of Japan, has commented on the North Korean matter by saying the missile testing is unfortunate.

More countries that are in the United Nations are saying that North Korea should not be doing this. The other world leaders also go to say that these missile testing are deeply troubling and have everyone on edge.

North Korea is a country that everyone watches with a close eye, because no one knows what they will do next. North korea can be a formidable enemy to have and they are one of the power houses that the world may have to watch closely.