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French official Benoit Quennedey accused of spying on North Korea

December 12, 2018

After four days of questioning, he was put under official investigation on Thursday on three different counts, delivering information to a foreign power, gathering information with the intent of delivering it to a foreign p...

US, N. Korea diplomacy changes under Trump

Emily Unruh

January 29, 2018

If you have been watching the news, scrolling through social media or listening to the radio you will notice that there has been a lot of information about North Korea and the threat they could pose. The BBC outlined the somewh...

North Korea up to their old tactics

Brian Cervantez

May 2, 2016

North Korea has again begun testing missile strikes. Some say that this begs the question of what the United States will do if North Korea decides to attack one of the U.S. allies, such as South Korea.The North Korean leader, Ki...