Comedian kicks off first week of classes

Comedian Eric O’Shea visited Washburn’s A/B room August 21 at 7 p.m. His goofy-like presence immediately received laughter from students. 

Kenzie McCoy

Washburn’s Welcome Week included a variety of events, everything from the adrenaline rush of Rock the Rec to the sweet relief of Sundaes on Sunday. Comedian Eric O’Shea continued the Welcome Week fun by bringing his stand-up routine to Washburn at 7 p.m. on Sunday, August 21.

After a few minutes of jokes about arm fat, fun ice breakers during orientation and dealing with slow drivers on I-70, O’Shea’s slap-happy humor was a massive hit with audience members.

“I would say his jokes are really goofy and they could appeal to everyone’s different range of comedy,” said Kelsey Johnson, sophomore special education major.

In his act, O’Shea not only commented on college experiences, but also ragged on this generation’s supposed lack of parenting skills. O’Shea’s comments about his own childhood grocery store outings turned into a story about how his mother used to discipline him, much like many of the parents of the students in the crowd.

Hannah Fairchild, sophomore biochemistry major said she’d never attended a comedy show before, but commented on O’Shea’s relatability and humor.

“I loved the show,” said Fairchild. “He was so funny. I loved it when he was talking about when he was driving and dealing with slow people and his reactions to them, and how he sings when he drives. All of the driving stuff was so funny because I sing when I drive to.”

Wrapping up the show on a high note, O’Shea recreated his well-known act, titled “Songs for Commercials” on his official website. O’Shea has previously performed this skit during the 2009 Emmy Awards. “Songs for Commercials” featured tid-bits of songs, entertainingly related to different illnesses, brands, products and services, such as Viagra, herpes, adult diapers and diarrhea medication. O’Shea’s “Songs for Commercials” skit is also available to watch on YouTube.