Football charges towards Homecoming

Dylan McManis

The Homecoming game is this coming Saturday, Oct. 29 against Missouri Western, and all of the Ichabods who can are expected to attend!

On the sports end of things, Homecoming is the home game of the year where student moral and attendance are at their highest. Winning would put the Ichabods in a good spot within the MIAA standings. With only three games left in the season, every game matters. Compared to last season, even a single victory more than their current 5-3 record shows improvement in the team.

Washburn currently stands tied for fifth with Pittsburg State at a 5-3 record, while Missouri Western is in seventh with a 4-4 record, the position directly below Washburn. This Homecoming game will divide the top half and the bottom half of the MIAA based on the results.

If Washburn wins this game not only will they will have their first positive win-loss record since fall 2013, but they will solidify their chances of ending the season in the top six of the MIAA, with the only chance of them dropping to seventh being if Missouri Western wins its next two subsequent matches after Washburn and Washburn loses both of theirs.

The odds are in the favor of the Ichabods, with it being a Homecoming game the only question is: will the Ichabods be able to hear themselves think over the roar of the fans?