Brief: Professor to discuss Grindr research

Natalie Engler

At 12:30 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 3 in the Lincoln Room  of the Memorial Union, Chris Conner, assistant professor of sociology, will be conducting a presentation over his research of the popular dating app Grindr. The app is commonly used by members of the LGBT community.

The app has been used by some as evidence to support the idea that society lives in a post-gay era. Also, Grindr has had a profound impact on how LGBT persons utilize traditional gay spaces.

In Conner’s research, he analyzed 300 user profiles and explored how the app reinforces heteronormative standards of beauty in gay culture. Conner’s research also examines the stripping away of signifiers and paralanguage has resulted in increased racist and heteronormative interactions by the users of the app.